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Trail Report: Mount Tallac

Trail Name: Mount Tallac Trail

Trailblazer Community Reporter: Sophia Davis

Date Explored: October 2, 2022

City/State: South Lake Tahoe, California

Length of Trail: All Trails- 10.5 // Garmin GPS- 13.7

Elevation Gain: 3,468ft

Terrain Type: Mostly rocky, small and large. 

Time for Completion: 6-8 Hours. It takes as much time to come down as it does to go up.

Cell Service Quality: Spotty, don’t rely on it.

Fee/Permit: You must have a permit to hike in the Desolation Wilderness, where this trail is located, which you can get at the trailhead free of charge.

Parking: Free Parking, small parking lot but lots of overflow parking down the hill a bit.

Water Source: Pack in your own water. There is Cathedral Lake before the biggest ascent about 2.5 miles in if you want to fill up there before heading up to the summit. Bring your filter if that’s the route you want to go.

Bathrooms:  Find a tree or some bushes! 😜

Best Part of the Trail: The Summit for sure is the best part, but literally, within the first mile the views are incredible from then on. 13 miles of views on views!

Stoke Level: High! The more snacks you have the higher the stoke will be! 😂

Other Helpful Notes About the Trail: Take your time and smash way more carbs and water more often than you think you need to.

AllTrails Link:

The view from Mount Tallac

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Bethany Taylor

I’m a PNW-based outdoor educator, adventure athlete, highly-caffeinated creative, all-women adventure trip host, safety advocate, and obsessed dog mom. I am here to help you chase more stoke-filled days outdoors with confidence through education and empowerment.

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