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Chasing Summits


Are you a trail runner, day hiker or backpacker (beginner or experienced) and want to get stronger on trail? Specifically, going UP? If you are nodding your head yes, Chasing Summits is for YOU!

Chasing Summits is a progressive 12 week step-up program (1x weekly) to help you get stronger, faster, and gain confidence on mountain sides and trails.

This program will help you explore further and longer to reach your summit. Included are (2) 12 week step-up programs along with an add-on 7-week program for dirt dwellers who have big mountain or running goals / adventures planned. There is also optional accessory bodyweight and DB extra credit work included along with (5) conditioning workouts.

The step-up programs (1x weekly) are designed to be paired with your current conditioning and strength training

Be sure to check out the table of contents for more information on what’s included – like how to choose your box height, how to load your pack, and when to do your step ups!


You ready to get STRONG?

Chasing Summits has supported DOZENS of humans on their outdoor adventures. It’s prepared them for the challenging ascents, technical descents, and everything in between. Let Chasing Summits support YOU, so you can adventure longer, further, and wherever your feet carry you.

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