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Solo Summits Blueprint

Empowering you with safety tools + knowledge to build
unshakeable confidence hiking or trail running solo.

Does going out and hiking solo intrigue you and get you excited? But also equal parts make you nervous and anxious?

If that’s you... Beautiful. You’re in the right place

You are allowed to feel anxious about your first solo endeavor, but also STOKED to get out there.

Solo Summits Blueprint is a rad 6-week course (led by yours truly each week) that will empower you with essential knowledge and skills to help you feel safe, badass, capable, and confident sending it SOLO.

Badass Course Benefits:

Curriculum Sneak Peek:

Who is this course for?

Why Solo Summits?

Experienced and dedicated instructor who actually cares.
Lifetime access to the recordings and resources.
High-touch lessons and quality, legitimate information.
Practical and comprehensive application.
Exclusive content only accessible inside the course.

Meet your Instructor

I’m Bethany,- your passionate, Swiss Army Knife of an instructor.

I come from a background of trail safety, backcountry experience, preparedness, nutrition/fueling, solo pursuits, strength + conditioning, and tons in between.

I love to educate and empower. I want more of you tackling solo adventures + summits and getting the heck out on trail. I am ready to share with YOU my knowledge so you can send it solo with CONFIDENCE.

Street Credz & scholarly swagger

What's Included:


This course is launching at its lowest price ever.



This is Volume 1 of Solo Summits Blueprint which means the spots are very limited (10-12 seats). It will be at is lowest price EVER (around $295) due to the nature of the beta course build-out. This is the VERY first offering of this course and I am high-key EXCITED to teach and meet you. This course will be offered 2-3x a year starting Fall of 2024/early 2025 and pricing will likely land around $495-$695.

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