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Category: Hiking / Trail Running

Trail Etiquette 101

Learn about who has the right of way, what to do when hiking in large groups, navigating multi-use trails with mountain bikers and more. When we venture out on trail, we want to have a great time and share the

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How to Use the Bathroom in the Woods and What the Heck to Bring

Outside of wildlife encounters and getting lost, how to use the bathroom while hiking, trail running, and backpacking is a common concern! And it is the topic that no one reallllllly wants to talk about, but is important TO talk

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How to Start Hiking with Your Kids

Are you looking to get started hiking with your small human(s)?  I’ve teamed up with one of the incredible Trailblazers Community members (@wanderingdoyles) who loves getting outside/hiking with her kids. She is a WEALTH of knowledge and helped make this

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Choosing the Best Hiking Trail

With countless hiking trails at the tips of our fingers, choosing the best hiking trail may seem like a daunting task. Fear not! Below, you will easily navigate the ins-and-outs of trail selection and other considerations to ensure your next

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