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Get Out There with All-Women Group Travel

Traveling Bravely Solo... Together

Traveling solo as a woman can feel overwhelming and even daunting. Those are VALID feelings and you’re allowed to hold a space to feel those feelings.

But you still want to get out into the world, travel across the globe and fill your passport with stamps, hike in breathtaking National Parks, try street food and cuisine that you’ve only seen in YouTube videos, and expand your life experiences.

What if you COULD do all those things and even make some new friends along the way?

TrovaTrip provides opportunities for women’s travel groups, empowering you to take on your travel DREAMS with like-minded women. Trova takes the stress away from planning the trip and coordinating logistics, allowing you to focus on being present in the moment.

Your only duty is to bravely say YES to the trip, book your plane ticket, pack (or for me – overpack) your bags, and come as you are, authentically yourself.

I started hosting all-women adventure group trips in 2020 and to say they’ve been nothing short of life changing would be an understatement. I’ve been able to witness women travel internationally for the first time, step out of their comfort zones, learn to set up tents and read maps, summit incredible peaks, and come together to build life-long relationships around campfires.

If you want to meet new friends, feel safe doing so, add to your life experiences, and walk away from a trip of a lifetime – you’re in the right place.

Let me share with you why there are SO many benefits to going on a group trip.

Safety, Safety, Safety

Eating at restaurants alone, trying to find your hotel after arrival or in the dark, and navigating transportation can feel intimidating and not something some women want to take on, especially in a brand new city or country. By traveling in a group, there is strength and safety in numbers.

You’ll always be with some, if not all other travelers in your group! Don’t worry, you will still get some quiet time in your hotel room or tent in the evenings.

When booking a group trip with a thoughtful company like TrovaTrip, there is always a local guide accompanying you that’s vetted and professionally-chosen. The guides know the itinerary like the back of their hand, can speak the local language, know the ins-and-outs of the location, and they are there to support you and keep you safe whether you are on a walking tour, hiking trail, or heading to a group activity.

Additionally, there are emergency contact numbers, procedures, and plans in place for ALL destinations giving you peace of mind that if anything were to potentially happen, you will be taken care of.

Even for adventure, hiking, and camping destinations – all of the guides are medically certified, carry necessary safety gear, and are trained in emergency preparedness on trail.

Not only will you have the safety and security of being with other travelers, your local guide and Operator will be there too, always.

Making New Friends as an Adult is Hard

Am I right? You’re craving new connections that are authentic and meaningful. You’re craving new memories with other women who solo travel, LOVE what you love, and are passionate dreamers too.

Trova’s women’s travel group trips can give you JUST that in one central location. ONE trip could open up endless doors for friendships to form. 

You get to spend a few days with women who are there for the same reason you are; solo travel, exploration and connection. Over dinners and beers, tough hikes and marshmallows, and van rides and unique activities – bonds are formed

I’ve hosted 8 trips and after each trip, MORE trips have been planned.

All of the travelers stay in the group chat and make plans for future adventures, meet-ups, and virtual coffee dates over Zoom. How special is that?

Each solo traveler may start out as a stranger, but by the final goodbye dinner, you’ll feel like you’ve known some of the women for years.

Travel has an incredible way of bringing people together from all over the world and doing it with other women is EMPOWERING.

Life’s Short, Chase Experience

Picture this – the travel destination and adventure trip reels and posts you see on your tiny screen turn into REAL LIFE and it’s YOU that’s getting out there; chasing life, snorkeling with turtles, sippin’ bubbly drinks on sailboats, sleeping under the stars, attending a matcha making class, zip-lining through the jungle, doing yoga on the beach, and squeezing as much as experience as possible from life.

But it’s 100% understandable that clicking BOOK on a spot for the group trip is scary. You also feel some excitement too. Right?! 

Excitement and nervousness are two of the most powerful emotions you can mash together.

It means you are ready to get out there, broaden your horizons, take on new challenges, learn more skills, meet new friends, say yes to things that scare you, and GROW.

Bonus experience – doing it with like-minded women.

Solo Traveler Support System

Are you the person in your friend circle who is a tad more adventurous? Which likely means it’s hard to get people to go on trips with you. I totally get that…

I have some great news though, you don’t have to worry about that anymore. 

Group travel is SUCH a great way to finally go on the trips you want to go on and be fully supported by the other solo travelers who signed up as well. WIN WIN.

You essentially have a built-in support system that will be there for you and we know you will be there for them. TOGETHER you will be visiting new destinations, trying new foods, overcoming challenges, road-tripping across new landscapes, hiking robust trails, laughing until your belly hurts, and expanding your life’s resume.

The Less Stress the Better

You’re likely already relatively stressed with work projects, keeping up with email notifications, getting in your workouts, prepping food, studying for exams, getting the kids to school time, household tasks, doctors appointments, and everything in between.

What Trova does really well is taking the stress off YOU.

They plan the trip from the time you land to the time you leave, build-out an itinerary that allows you to get the MOST out of your travels, coordinates all the logistics with the local Operator and guide, and ensures the days you’re on the trip run smoothly.

You simply have to show up, start bonding, and have the time of your life.

Trova locks in all of your lodging accommodations, pre-chooses restaurants or the local guide has top-notch recommendations, ensures all permits or passes are reserved in advance, all of your transportation needs are taken care of, and you will be kept on schedule for all the planned activities. You heard that right, you don’t have to worry about scheduling! 

The local guides are even there to troubleshoot. If you have to take a different route to an exhibit tour due to road closures or the weather interferes with your outdoor activity, have no fear. Your trip will continue on and won’t skip a beat. The stress and responsibility to make adjustments will never be on you!

Now that’s what I am talking about.

Are you ready to say HECK YES?

Women’s-only travel group trips are EMPOWERING for new and even experienced travelers. There is nothing that can beat in-person, real human connection with women who share similar dreams, passions, and desires to travel.

I’ve been able to first-hand witness the uplifting moments that happen on these trips. I’ve been able to also witness the importance of friendships and finding our people.

The excitement is palpable.

The locations are rad.

The bonds are strong.

The support is endless.

The memories are timeliness.

And the connections are usually the ones we didn’t know we needed.

Final Love Note from a Host <3

I’ve seen the way these group trips have changed travelers, in the best way possible.

They leave the trip feeling inspired and supported, ready to take on their OWN adventures and keep traveling. They continue to keep chasing experiences and living big, with confidence. 

The group trip sparked something inside of them.

On the first day of the trip, it’s normal for things to be quiet as everyone is getting to know another another, likely fighting jetlag too. As day 2 rolls around and conversations are exchanged over coffee, everyone’s personalities start to shine and the magic begins.

I hope you choose yourself and choose to invest in the beauty of your dreams.

I hope you choose yourself and choose to do something that pushes your comfort zones.

I hope you choose yourself and choose to open your heart to new friendships.

I hope you choose yourself and choose to live a life that gets you stoked.

Meet the author

Bethany Taylor

I’m a PNW-based outdoor educator, adventure athlete, highly-caffeinated creative, all-women adventure trip host, safety advocate, and obsessed dog mom. I am here to help you chase more stoke-filled days outdoors with confidence through education and empowerment.

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