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Let's Travel Together

All-Women Group Adventure Trips

I wanted to provide an opportunity to not only lower the barrier of entry to get more women playing outside but ALSO create an opportunity to allow more women to connect in wild spaces with one another.

That is why I didn’t even skip a beat when saying HECK YES to working alongside TrovaTrip to host hiking, backpacking, adventure, and camping trips. These trips are something I wish had when I first started dabbling in the outdoors, so I decided to create what I wish existed years ago.

High stoke travel with like-minded adventurers

We've got some rad trips planned..


June 2024 - Trip closed


September 2024


December 2024

Mt. Kilimanjaro


Coyote Gulch

April 2025

Stay Tuned

More in 2025


These trips are for women who want to...

You bring the stoke and we will take care of the rest. Literally.

All are welcome! This could be your first time ever visiting a National Park or sleeping in a tent. This could be your 5th hiking trip and your 100th time sleeping in a tent. It doesn’t matter. Join us!

Adventure Overview:

Hey you - yes you.

I’m Bethany, your highly-caffeinated adventure trip host and dedicated dirt dweller.

I’ve been hosting these incredible, life-changing trips all over the US and world for 2ish years. I’ve had the privilege of witnessing brave women from all experience levels step outside their comfort zones, learn how to set up tents for the first time, and see what their bodies and minds are capable of on trail. How COOL is that?

Frequently Asked Questions:

These trips have women ranging in ages 25-55!! How cool is that?

Nope! There will be a 25% down payment (deposit) to confirm your spot, but after that – you can choose to pay with Affirm (US residents only) which will be automatic monthly payments leading up to 90 days prior to the trip. If you live outside of the US, you will also need to put down the 25% deposit and you will log into your account and pay as you’d like against your balance which is due 90 days prior.

Yes! Which is the BEST part because you will walk away with TONS of new rad friends. I would say 90% of travelers come solo and don’t know anyone else on the trip. 🙂

Each itinerary will outline what’s included/what’s not included (it will vary). Most of the time, all of your camping gear is provided [except a sleeping bag] and you will just need to bring your personal items & hiking gear!

You sure can! But it will not unfortunately change the cost of the trip.

They sure are! They are all Certified Wilderness First Responders.

Each trip will have a local guide(s) that are experts in the area and will be the ones driving the van(s), coordinating all the logistics, getting all the meals together, and teaching us about the local area.

It is not required, but it’s recommended!

You betcha! I prove an EXTENSIVE packing lists and LOTS of tips for getting ready for the trip to make sure you feel comfortable and have everything you need.

Heck yeah! Leading up to the trip, you will provide the local Guiding Company we will be with on the trip any dietary restrictions you have and they will cater the menu to accommodate.

Nope! ALL EXPERIENCE LEVELS ARE WELCOME! There is so much room for learning on these trips and you will have me and the local guide to show you the ropes. 🙂

100%! Lots of travelers choose to do this in case of flight delays. There will be a group chat started prior to the trip, so you can coordinate with other travelers to share a hotel room to save some $$.

Heck yeah it is!

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September 2024


December 2024



Coyote Gulch

APRIL 2025

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