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Helping women chase outdoor adventure & live stoke-filled lives with confidence through education, community, and group trips.

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Hey you - yes you.

I’m Bethany.. your resident overly-caffeinated hype woman and Iron Soul Trailblazers Founder, reporting for duty.

Stoked you’re here! If you love the outdoors and learning – grab a coffee and settle right in. I’m an adventure enthusiast ready to help you take up space on trail, dream BIG, see what you’re capable of, and live a rad freakin’ life.

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Introducing my badass course: Safety Summits Blueprint

Safety Summits Blueprint is a rad 4-week course (led by yours truly each week) that will empower you with essential knowledge and skills to help you feel safe, badass, capable, and confident sending it on trail.

Let's Travel Together

All-Women Group Adventure Trips

You bring the stoke — we will take care of the rest. Literally. ALL ARE WELCOME! This could be your first time ever visiting a National Park or sleeping in a tent. This could be your 5th hiking trip and your 100th time sleeping in a tent. It doesn’t matter. Join us!


June 2024


September 2024


December 2024

Come hang with us at Stoke Central

Trailblazers: Stoke Central is a vibrant online community for women (cis + non-cis) and non-binary individuals aged 18 and above, united by a passion for the outdoors. Whether you’re a seasoned adventurer, weekend warrior, or just starting to explore, this is a space to connect with like-minded women, ask questions, plan meet-ups, and share the stoke of outdoor living.

The Stoke Store

Resources to help you chase a big life.

Chasing Summits

Are you a trail runner, day hiker or backpacker (beginner or experienced) and want to get stronger on trail? Specifically, going UP? If you are nodding your head yes, Chasing Summits is for YOU!

Down and In

This book of quotes is not necessarily intended to be a self-help book, but more of a “let’s settle in and dig in” type book that leads you through the darkness of societal “shoulds” and bullshit glass ceilings towards the light.


Your Ultimate Hiking Packing List

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