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mountain F*cking ready coaching

Helping you fuel your body, chase badass objectives, live a high-stoke life, run further, lift heavier, and build a resilient mindset.

Meet Your Coach

Adventure Athlete. Hype woman. Ultra-Runner. Dirt Dweller. Espresso Drinker. Snack Connoisseur. Lover of SLeep.

I live in the PNW with my husband and fur baby. When I am not pouring my heart into coaching, you can catch me drinking coffee, playing with barbells and in the dirt, or having full-blow conversations with my dog.

I freakin’ love educating and empowering women to fuel for LIFE and ADVENTURE, helping them find freedom via food + the outdoors, showing them how TRULY capable they are, and constantly reminding them they hold the power to do hard things bravely.

Street Credz & scholarly swagger

What we're about...

The mission and philosophy of the MFR Coaching is to support women who love to play on trail – fuel well, get progressively stronger, run further, build more robust engines, feel more capable, build foundational habits that stick, and do it SUSTAINABLY.

The goal is to be able to adventure forever, right?

MFR Coaching will help you fit fueling and training INTO your life and understanding the ‘why’ behind it all.

Who we work with...

We work with everyday outdoor athletes (hikers, trail runners, road runners, backpackers, mountain bikers, etc.), adventure-seekers of all experience levels, and also active-duty military.


Together, we'll focus on:

What you'll get (based on coaching package):


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